Red Deer
8 Reasons why we are different


8 reasons

This is the age of infinite information.

You can only make sense of the chaos when your mind is clear.

When you’re free of distraction,
you’re free to be exceptional.

Ten years of experience

Red Deer has been developed by a team of fund managers – over 10 years of proprietary learning – to be the only tool that organises all disparate data sets (internal and external research, company-related and alternative datasets, including social media and other important data sources), and connects what you need to know into one beautifully designed stream.

Totally customisable

To ensure you are always fully briefed and informed, there is a bespoke ‘catch-up page’ customised to your world, that updates you on what you have missed since you were last logged on, integrating your key datasets.

Unique Calendar Function

For the first time, a unique calendar function is able to populate your calendar with critical dates and information from across your extensive financial world, such as companies, related peers, and macro events. It then integrates relevant work colleagues’ appointments, as well as your own personal diary, so you have a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know.

Everything You Need In One Place

So you can save time, when you’re researching a company, you’ll find everything you want to know in one place. Unique to Red Deer, even information that has been difficult to integrate is now linked, so your total picture is enriched by sources such as chats, emails, messages, internal publications, social media and beyond. Your picture is further enhanced by a "catalyst calendar", which outlines all upcoming news flow on the stock and its peers.

Always connected

To turn collaboration within your firm into a real advantage, Red Deer connects you to the internal activity that you should know about; by correlating calendars, related stocks and events; notifying you in advance of your colleagues’ relevant meetings, as well as any subsequent publications that can inform your decisions; enabling you to collaborate when it matters.

Always alerted

Red Deer makes ingenious connections across vast amounts of data, creating inspiring links and surfacing buried data that you may have identified as important and time critical, bringing it to your attention in alerts, texts and email.

Visible and transparent

Red Deer makes the day-to-day details of your firm’s process visible and transparent, providing detailed insights to improve allocation of company funds, marshal resources and establish a clear audit trail for use in compliance matters.

Smart Design

Red Deer’s design with a highly intuitive, visually attractive user-experience gives you the information you need, in the way you want.


Powerful and transformational, Red Deer is the vital tool which enables you to embed transparency at the heart of your firm’s culture, marshal resources and make skilful management decisions.


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