Red Deer

Market & Trade Surveillance

A single point of entry for Compliance, Management & Risk

Streamline & integrate your approach to MAR compliance & risk

Embed compliance and control functions within front, middle and back-office workflows, offering operational transparency, quick retrieval of data and full trade reconstruction to ensure timely and accurate disclosures.


Compliance Teams

Risk Teams


Combine powerful real-time search, surveillance and investigation tools to deliver operational efficiencies and reduced risk

Simplify Discovery

Create fast and efficient searches and increase the speed of discovery across all data sources and historical archives

- Market Data
- Market News
- Trade Lifecycle data including orders, trades and positions
- Email, calendar, voice and chat

Automate Detection & Monitoring

Customise or access pre-defined alerts mapped to key market abuse behaviours

Access live Watch Pages and Dashboards and receive instant notification of compliance signals and flags

Ensure operational transparency with timely and accurate disclosures

Access pre-trade and Trade Data

Seamlessly integrate order management, execution and portfolio
management systems

Accurately reconstruct the lifecycle of a trade

Manage Reporting

Access a full suite of exception-based reporting and create tailored reports on trends, patterns, alerts and violations for regulatory or audit purposes

Secure & Immutable Storage

Benefit from scalable and secure storage in compliance with SEC, FINRA and ESMA guidelines

Ensure fast and efficient recovery and leverage long-term archiving in a high availability cloud-based environment

Reference Data

Comprehensive sources of reference data for point-in-time analysis;

- Trade Ideas
- Regulatory News Service (RNS)
- Insider Lists
- Directorships
- Merger & Acquisitions
- Short Interest

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