Red Deer

Red Deer for MiFID II

End-to-End Research Valuation Management
Covering MiFID II inducement, consumption, valuation and payment integration

Stay Ahead of Regulations

Seamlessly integrate MiFID II across your investment process and reduce the risk of inducements

Red Deer’s off-the-shelf research consumption and valuation solution enables portfolio managers to track and value research at the point of consumption without interrupting their daily processes, whilst still delivering the granularity and control the compliance team needs to ensure they are in line with regulatory requirements.

- Aggregate all research, email and corporate access interactions in real-time via a single platform

- Distinguish analysis from content of minor non-monetary benefit with NLP analytics

- Remove the risk of inducement by blocking unsolicited research content, including via email

User First

- Single intuitive user interface personalised for the portfolio manager

- Smart filtering linked to each portfolio manager’s research interactions

- Full calendar integration: personal, street, earnings, research and corporate access calendars

Valuation Evolved

- Easy research valuation at point of consumption removes bias and improves accuracy

- Track contributions from hard and soft budgets with alerting to ensure budget thresholds are not exceeded

- Seamlessly integrate with CSAs, RPAs and hard dollar payment platforms


- Automated reporting for inducements, rating, anomolies, usage and classifcation of substantive research

- Full suite of automated reports for investors, regulators, including click-stream audit trail

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