Red Deer

Our Philosophy

This is the age of infinite information.


This is the age of infinite information.

You can only make sense of the chaos when your mind is clear.

When you’re free of distraction,
you’re free to be exceptional.

The old ways are not enough

We believe the future belongs to those able to use intelligence to get to the core of this new, complex world, where constantly arranging and extracting the information they need is the key to success.

- It is not enough to benchmark against tired models, relying on outdated learning from over-subscribed market reports. Market growth is driven by disruption, not replication;
- It is not enough to be just driven by data. Too much can blindside us, not inform us;
- It is not enough to be the biggest firm, bureaucracy and scale prevent collaboration;
- It is not enough to prioritise profit at all costs, industry standards demand transparency and compliance;

You need to make quick, diligent and rigorous decisions on what matters quickly. To win the battle you need to be organised and composed.

We call this state of mental preparedness Elegant Perspective.

Serenity in decision-making is crucial

This is the age of infinite information. You can only make sense of the chaos when your mind is clear. When you’re free of distraction, you’re free to be exceptional.

Our Mission

Through our elegant organisation of multiple sources of information, we give fund managers, and the firms they work for, the perspective to make more skilful decisions.


Red Deer is a company driven and defined by its beliefs.

Think Big

We dare to dream big and think big. We conceive the extraordinary and design the ultimate. If we can imagine it, we can create it.

The wow of perfection

We are thoughtful and meticulous. We do things properly, or not at all - there is no in between. We live by design excellence - physical, digital, experiential or organisational.

Revolutionising FinTech

We are pioneers of design thinking in FinTech, transforming the way people interact with financial markets and helping firms conquer an ever-complex world.


We are design focused business. We're thought leaders and creative visionaries - restless, diligent and detailed.


We believe that to create something new we have to abandon the past. If what we did was easy, everyone would doing it. We're relentless in our pursuit of making a purposeful difference.


Because our team is handpicked from a variety of specialist skillsets, we are much more than the sum of our parts. We are an open platform, and look for likeminded employees and partners to share our passion, drive and goals.


Powerful and transformational, Red Deer is the vital tool which enables you to embed transparency at the heart of your firm’s culture, marshal resources and make skilful management decisions.

For your fund managers

- Red Deer is a state-of-the-art daily tool that frees your fund managers to make more skilful investment decisions.

- It organises and connects vast amounts of data, specific to their world, into one seamless, beautifully designed stream.

- Customised to their individual investment process, and designed to integrate new factors as their decision-making criteria evolves, Red Deer enables fund managers to operate with the confidence and inner strength that comes from being battle-ready for the day.

Ensuring transparency

By making the day-to-day details of your firm’s process visible and transparent, Red Deer provides detailed insights to improve allocation of company funds, including:

- Which data sources are adding the most value.
- Which brokers and relationships are the most successful.

Compliance is critical in the new context in which we operate. Red Deer can establish a clear audit trail for use in compliance matters – providing all the intellectual rigour, data and information usage, and analysis you need to present meaningful conclusions.

When embedded deep within your firm’s investment process, Red Deer is a transformative tool that gives C-suite management the mental preparedness to make the crucial decisions that increase productivity, collaboration and morale.


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