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The market is a battlefield.
Red Deer prepares you to win.

We have a big ambition - to be the leader in FinTech which supports asset management
About the Red Deer tool

We've developed the Red Deer tool over 10 years of proprietary learning - with a unique approach to developing solutions that enable optimal performance, through embracing organisation and collaboration and addressing the systematic performance barriers faced by investment professionals and the firms they work for.

Red Deer is the state-of-the-art tool designed to solve the information management issues facing fund managers. It's the only tool that organises all disparate data sets (internal and external research, company-related and alternative datasets including social media and other important data sources), and connects what you need to know into one beautifully designed stream.

Its unique design, intuitive approach and ease of use transforms data into actionable information to empower fund managers to make more skilful investment decisions.

Red Deer replaces anxiety and frustration with serenity and control.

A state-of-the-art information-management tool, elegantly conceived and powerfully executed, it is the essential tool to frame your day, providing all the organisation and preparation you need to make skilful investment decisions.

We replace daily anxiety and frustration with serenity and control to change your world.





High quality design

We believe that the most important challenge facing fund managers today is the impossible task of organising and processing ever-proliferating data at speed.

Imagine the most capable, financially wired, tireless personal assistant – that’s Red Deer, your eyes and ears on the market.

We’ve created a vital tool with the potential to help you conserve and focus your energy on what matters, not wasting it on the endless search for relevant information and connections.


Life-changing organisation

By combining the relevant aspects of your financial and personal worlds, Red Deer gives you a complete picture of your day.

It updates information against your calendar seamlessly, so you are always fully briefed, and never blindsided. It integrates your personal calendar with financial information on companies, related companies and macro factors. It also populates your calendar with any events involving others in your firm that have an impact on what you need to know.

When you’re researching any company, you’ll find everything you need to know in one place – even from sources that were previously difficult to track, including: internally generated content, chats and emails, upcoming events, curated news and social media, from peers and other drivers that affect the stock.

Intelligent connections

It’s impossible for the human brain to process the vast amounts of data necessary to make essential connections. Red Deer surfaces buried data that you have identified as important, and time critical, bringing it to your attention in alerts, by text and email.

Round the clock, our system intuitively organises and intelligently connects every crucial piece of data, specific to your world, into a seamless, beautifully designed, stream and a customised, constantly updated, catch up page.


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